7 cabezas

Year: 2017
Director: Jaime Osorio
Production company: Burning Blue, DHvfx, Dynamo.

Under extreme weather conditions and on a really fragile location  where very limited intervention was allowed,(Chingaza National Park in Colombia)  DHvfx was in charge of bringing to life part of the tortured world of Marcos, a secluded groundskeeper, and his relationship with a couple of biologists who come to investigate several strange happenings in the park .

Due to the fragility of the ecosystem on chingaza, as well as rapidly varying weather conditions granted that several scenes described in the script could only be realized through cgi (dead animals in the forest and lakes of the park,  volumetric fog across different scenes, digital makeup)

Through teamwork, planning   and a thorough assessment of the conditions ahead, all challenges were properly solved in order to bring Marcos´ world  to reality.

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