Iterative Design and attention to detail is at the core of bringing spectacular imagery to life

Design exploration through Real time technology is the new way of exploring creative ideas. Collaborative work and artistic vision are paramount to cut costs and ensure Production Value on any project of any size.

Planing, understanding and viewing your shots is key to create compelling story telling and engagement. Its essential to maintain consistency and production value throughout your project and specially when cgi is needed. Thanks to the power of Unreal Engine and HTC we can create virtual real time sets, where you can go from live set design to story boarding, blocking and recording your takes to fully know what you need once you are ready to shoot.

Virtual Scouting & Real Time Story Boarding and Editing

Real time decision making for Directors, DoPs and Production crew.
Audiovisual exploration to find shots, device Language for Entire Sequences,  experiment to reduce costs and maximize productivity and Production Value.

Having the same action and experiencing with different ways of telling it is priceless. As an example, the next two videos where done in less than 2 hours including editing and all changes in lighting and assets. Having an pre edit to know how to shoot a complex sequence can potentially save exponential production costs down the line.

Virtual Scouting

Shot Design

Some of our projects

By working with our clients from the very beginning, we art direct and supervise the design process to ensure the right fit for every production

Whether there are characters, enviroments, motion, animation or visual effects, their look and feel  and cohesiveness are essential  for any modern production to succeed. Here at DHvfx we make sure that all pieces fit together

Raw & Cooked

Raw & Cooked

Our Design Gallery

Raw & Cooked

Raw & Cooked

Ready to build something amazing?

Dream of creatures, imposible environments, incredible brand projection, and make it real.

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